Chin Surgery

We now understand that facial aging is a result of a combination of problems. Facial skin aging is first a result of loss of skin quality, second loss of skin tone/elasticity, and third loss of facial volume (fat). Chin implants mainly help address the third problem by restoring facial volume.

Q. What are the advantages of facial implants over fillers?

Fillers will ultimately dissolve over time. Fat transfers is also a great option but like fillers, fat has a tendency to also disappear with time. However, there is new science developing that shows fat can last longer if combined with regenerative cells and growth factors. Chin implants on the other hand don’t change with time. The great advantage of a chin implant is that they don’t dissolve with time and they wont droop with time like fillers or fat. Implants are fixed with small screws to insure their ideal position. The other great advantage of chin implant is that if you don’t like the implant you can remove it at anytime.

Q. What is the material of the implant?

There are many different options for implants. In the past porous polyethylene implants were used. However the main problem with these implant is tissue ingrowth. Tissue ingrowth makes implant removal very difficult. Urban uses top of the line medical grade silicone implants. There are two reasons why silicone is the implant of choice. First, Silicone implants are a firm clear material that feel like your own bone. Second, silicone implants are easily fixed and removed.

Q. How long will my chin implant last?

If the silicone implant is secured properly to prevent movement an implant can last a lifetime.

Q. How Do I Know What Size to Use?

This question is similar to asking an artist how do you know what paints to use. This is where the art of cosmetic surgery is involved. In the pre-operative planning phase Dr. Urban will discuss the different implant shapes and sizes and indications for use. Dr. Urban will also help you in the planning phase by allowing you select and handle the different sizes.

Q. How Long does the Chin Implant Procedure Take?

Chin implants can be placed with local anesthesia or with IV sedation. The procedure usually takes about 45 minutes.

Q. How Long is the Recovery?

The recovery period is dependent upon the amount of swelling present. Recovery is anywhere from 3 days to a week.

Q. Can the Implants Move Around?

Yes they can. But Dr. Urban will eliminate this problem by fixing the implant in place with a small titanium metal screw. In fact, the lack of fixation of facial implants was the main reason for most of the problems associated with implants. Fixing the implant will help prevent distortion, infection, and possible bone loss.

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