Cleft Lip & Palate Repair in West Jordan

Cleft Lip During early pregnancy, facial areas may not join properly, resulting in a cleft lip. This condition ranges from a slight notch to a complete separation in one or both sides of the upper lip. It can affect sucking and speech.

Cleft Palate The palate, or roof of the mouth, separates the nose from the mouth. A cleft palate occurs when there’s an opening in this area. It can range from a small gap to a nearly complete separation of the roof of the mouth.


  • Cleft Lip: Surgery is typically performed around age ten to close the separation, restore muscle function, and reshape the mouth.
  • Cleft Palate: Surgery, usually between 7 to 18 months old, aims to close the gap, reconnect muscles, and ensure proper palate function.

Post-Surgery Expectations Following surgery, swallowing improves, but in some cases, a new hole (fistula) may form between the nose and mouth, requiring further treatment.

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