Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment 

What is PRP? Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a specialized substance derived from your own blood. It’s rich in platelets, the cells responsible for clotting and releasing growth factors that aid in healing.

Why is PRP Exciting? PRP accelerates the body’s natural healing process by delivering a concentrated dose of growth factors to the wound site. These growth factors stimulate stem cells, promoting tissue regeneration and faster healing.

How Does PRP Help?

  • PRP contains growth factors like platelet-derived growth factors (PDGF), transforming growth factor beta (TGF), and insulin-like growth factor (ILGF) which aid in tissue repair.
  • A subfamily of TGF, called bone morphogenic protein (BMP), induces new bone formation, beneficial for procedures like dental implant placement.

Clinical Applications of PRP:

  • Bone grafting for dental implants, including various procedures like sinus lifts and ridge augmentations.
  • Repairing bone defects from tooth removal or cyst removal.
  • Closing fistulas between the sinus cavity and mouth.

Advantages of PRP:

  • Convenience: PRP can be produced in-office during outpatient procedures, such as dental implant placement.
  • Faster Healing: PRP accelerates tissue synthesis, leading to quicker tissue regeneration.
  • Cost-effectiveness: PRP harvesting is done in-office with minimal blood (55 cc), saving on hospital expenses.
  • Ease of Use: PRP improves the application of bone substitute materials, making them more manageable.

FAQs About PRP:

  1. Is PRP safe? Yes, as it’s derived from your own blood and processed in a sterile environment.
  2. Should PRP be used in all bone-grafting cases? Not always, but it often enhances bone formation and healing.
  3. Will insurance cover PRP costs? Unfortunately, PRP application costs are typically borne by the patient.
  4. Can PRP alone stimulate bone formation? No, it must be combined with other materials like the patient’s own bone or synthetic products.
  5. Are there contraindications to PRP? Few, but patients with bleeding disorders or certain hematologic diseases may not qualify. Consult with your surgeon or primary care physician for suitability.

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