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Most people are unhappy with some aspects of their facial features. It could be a bump on the nose or deep facial wrinkles. Whatever the reason, we are all our own worst critics, which can tremendously impact our self-esteem. At Utah Facial Surgical Arts, we understand our patients’ concerns and address them with dignity and compassion.


Cosmetic facial services give patients much more than a “skin-deep” new look. Cosmetic procedures can boost self-esteem and transform the way others perceive you. If you want your first impression to be great, facial cosmetic surgery can give you the look you long for. We offer a full scope of cosmetic facial services for the facial area and neck, including:


Why Choose an Oral Surgeon for Facial Cosmetic Surgery?


Oral surgeons are uniquely qualified to perform cosmetic surgery on the face and neck due to their understanding of the function, structure, and esthetics of the face, neck, and jaw. Dr. Urban’s training and licensing as a dentist, facial surgeon, and medical doctor gives him an understanding of the skin, bone, musculature, cartilage, and dental structures of the face and neck. He uses his skills to create beautiful, functional results that are balanced and in harmony.


Dr. Urban is extensively trained in Facial Cosmetic Surgery and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. These specializations enhance his understanding of how the muscles, cartilage, teeth, skin, and bones of the face and neck work together and overlap. Any facial cosmetic surgery impacts other areas of the face, including your teeth and gums.

Dr. Urban calls on his knowledge of the overall facial structure and oral features to create customized treatment plans that meet or exceed his patients’ esthetic goals while maintaining the function and structural integrity of the face and neck.

As an American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Facial Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Graduate and a triple board-certified Facial Surgeon by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, the American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery, and the American Board of Cosmetic SurgeryDr. Urban can translate your facial improvement vision into a stunning reality.

Utah Facial and Surgical Arts is the first and only office-based facial cosmetic and oral surgery center in the state to be accredited by the Joint Commission, the nation’s largest and most respected accrediting body in healthcare. To learn more about how Dr. Urban can improve your appearance through cosmetic surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Urban by calling our office at West Jordan Office Phone Number 801-282-5363.

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