Injectable Fillers

Q. Who does the injections?

Often at other offices the filler is placed by a nurse or ancillary staff. At Utah Facial Surgical Arts, Dr. Urban places all of the filler personally. Just think of filler as paint and Dr Urban as the artist. Obvious what makes a great result is not only the quality of the paint but more importantly who is the artist. Dr. Urban will take the time to help insure you are comfortable and the desire outcome is achieved.

Q. What Filler is the Best?

Good question. There are multiple fillers. Some fillers last longer than others. Some fillers have different consistencies which is more desirable in some areas less desirable in other areas. Dr. Urban will help you in selecting the appropriate filler for you based upon location and the desired longevity of the filler.

Q. What Facial Fillers are used Dr Urban?

  • Voluma (Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid)
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus (Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid)
  • Perlane (Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid)
  • Radiesse (Hydroxyappetite)
  • Sculptra (Poly lactic acid)
  • Silikon 1000 (silicone oil)
  • Belotero
  • Autogenous fat

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Q. How do fillers work?

Fillers are made of substances that are either similar to materials found in your own body or they are made of biologically non reactive substances (silicone). Fillers are use to plump up areas where you have naturally lost facial fat volume (atrophy). For instance, as we all age are lips naturally get thinner with time. A filler can be used to help fill that lost volume. Fillers can also be used to fill undesirable facial defects or wrinkles or grooves.

Q. How Are Fillers Administered?

Fillers are placed through very small needles. Dr. Urban first prepares the skin and then placed topical anesthetic cream to anesthetize the area to be injected. Another method is a dental anesthetic to provide complete numbness. Our goal is not only perfect placement of your filler but also your comfort.

Q. What is the recovery like?

The procedure it self is actually quick procedure. Afterwards ice is apply to area of injection to minimize swelling. Sometimes there will be a little swelling afterwards. Consequently it is sometime best to have the procedure performed on a Friday to allow the swelling to subside before works starts on a Monday. Dr. Urban recommends a follow up appointment in 2 weeks to insure there are no asymmetries. Remember filler placement is very similar to art work. Sometimes a little touch-up is required to get it just right.

Q. How Long Does the Filler Last?

Juvederm ultra and Perlane have both been show in studies to last up to 12 months. However everyone is different. Consequently duration of filler can vary. Silicone is the only permanent filler Dr. Urban places.

Q. What happens if I don’t like the filler?

Well, removal of the filler is possible by enzymatic degradation through a product called Vitrase.