Oral Surgery Testimonies

Patient 1

I first met Dr. Urban in 2009 when he removed three of my wisdom teeth. After having one of my wisdom teeth pulled from a different provider I was a bit hesitant to have all three taken out but Dr. Urban and his staff took great care of me and even put me to sleep for the procedure, how great is that! In 2011 I met with Dr. Urban to discuss my abnormal jaw. Basically I had to much lower jaw and not enough upper jaw. My jaw was so awkwardly formed that my teeth were grinding and chipping against each other. Dr. Urban’s staff helped me find a great Orthodontist that helped to align my teeth and as soon as they were straight Dr. Urban reconstructed my jaw to perfectly line up and was able to push my top jaw forward and pull my lower jaw backward. I cant begin to explain the journey I’ve been on and today 8/23/2012 I finally got my braces off, a week before my 21st birthday and I could not be happier with Dr. Urban. My jaw is so beautiful and when I eat all my teeth have a purpose and a job to do. Its such an amazing feeling the journey has been so worth it and I definitely would not be here without the help of Dr. Urban’s staff and of course Dr. Urban for being so kind, compassionate and a great oral surgeon! KB

Patient 2

I saw Dr. Urban to have a tooth pulled and an implant placed. I was so nervous to have the procedure done, but he was so patient and caring-the procedure itself was a piece of cake!! He is an excellent doctor and his staff is very friendly. I would recommend this office to all of my family and friends!

Patient 3

Dr. urban is amazing! he really knows what he is doing. I did a checkup 2 months after removing my last wisdom tooth. the visit was free of charge. Amazing staff, friendly and efficient service. JL

Patient 4

Best treatment by an oral surgeon ever!! I was petrified to have my tooth extracted, but Dr. Urban and his staff were awesome!! They put me at ease so quickly, and were so helpful with my insurance. The extraction was absolutely a piece of cake-Dr. Urban was AWESOME and his staff is fantastic-I would HIGHLY recommend this office!!

Patient 5

I just came in for complicated extractions! Dr. Urban is excellent! He educated and left me with no questions! I highly recommend him for his care and experience!

Patient 6

My case was a tricky one, as the nerve that allows feeling around my mouth and my lips ran right along side the roots of both my lower wisdom teeth which if removed incorrectly would have caused permanent nerve damage and leave me without any feeling in my lips! Dr. Urban made every precaution to avoid this horrible possibility from having a CAT scan done of my jaw to know precisely where the nerves are to breaking up my wisdom teeth in half before carefully extracting them. I am happy to report that I have no nerve damage and have had quick recovery even with five teeth being removed. I will recommend Dr. Urban to anyone who requires an excellent Oral Surgeon.

Patient 7

I really enjoyed Dr. Urban and his epically awesome helpers before and after my surgery! I knew I was in great hands! J Thanks guys! Ps I will be back for my wisdom teeth J

Patient 8

My 16 yr old daughter and I had to have some wisdom teeth pulled and my general dentist referred us to Dr Urban. From the moment we walked through the door we were treated like someone special, Dr Urban and his staff took great care of both of us and did all they could to make sure that we were comfortable and well taken care of. Dr Urban has both his dental and medical degree, which also helped put me at ease knowing that if something did go wrong he was fully trained to handle the situation. I would highly recommend going to see Dr Urban and his staff for all your oral surgery needs. Read more: http://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Scott_D_Urban/reviews#ixzz2Jn6XCLUg

Patient 9

Our experience at your facility was professional and caring. I will refer people to your office. Thanks so much! JD and AD

Patient 10

Best experience at a doctors office. Personal and caring. By All Staff. Very happy. We came back and will again with other kids. Thank you. Family M

Patient 11

Thanks! Very pleasant employees! Prompt, attentive, kind and supportive LD

Patient 12

I would definitely recommend Dr. Urban for extractions or facial surgery. He actually talked to me and my daughter during appointments and before and after surgery. Very personable and not a hands off Doctor. Definite personal touch AB

Patient 13

I have never felt so at ease walking into a doctors office until now. Everyone at this office was fantastic to deal with. Thank you all!!! JL

Patient 14

I had 5 teeth extracted by Dr. Urban after not going to a dentist for about 20 years because of a traumatic experience. I would like to thank Dr. Urban and everyone in the office for making my experience absolutely the best Ive ever had. I would not hesitate to recommend to everyone! Truly outstanding! DC

Patient 15

I was really impressed with the care Dr. Urban gave us. It meant a lot that he gave us his cell number if we had any problems or questions. During the consultation we felt very cared for. Dr urban and his staff made us feel comfortable. His staff went out of their way to make us feel comfortable and welcomed. I have never had this kind of treatment by a doctor or his staff before. Dr. Urban and his staff truly made us feel that we are his best clients and they would do anything for us. Thank you for the wonderful care. A Joint Commission anonymous survey response

Patient 16

This experience was really much better than I imagined! No pain so far and it was a nice experience to meet Dr. urban and his friendly staff. Thank you very much! A Joint Commission anonymous survey response

Patient 17

“Thank you for taking care of my son. I wish I could’ve been there with him when he had surgery but his grandma was and she said you were great with him. Please, thank your staff for me too.” -Christy

Patient 18

“It’s always a pleasure interacting with the office staff and dental assistants. Very helpful and pleasant. I appreciate Dr. Urban’s knowledge, experience, skills, and kind personal demeanor. Dr. Urban reviewed my x-rays, his plan of what was required for my implants, and executed his plan for me. My bone graft surgery and recent surgery prepping my upper mouth for the implants have been pain free. I appreciate how Dr. Urban and my dentist worked and planned together the time frame for me to get my flipper in preparation for my recent surgery. I trust Dr. Urban and would highly recommend him to anyone.” -Vanda T.

Patient 19

“We had a great experience and appreciate the care you took for my son. He was so nervous to have his wisdom teeth out but when he was done he asked, “is that it”? I wish I could remember the name of the nurse who helped him afterward; she was nice and took great care of him. Thank you!” -Angilyn M.

Patient 20

“Great experience! My son was in pain, we were able to get in first thing the next morning. It was a very easy process, thanks!”

Patient 21

“We were very happy with the care our son received for his wisdom teeth removal. The doctor was very kind and helpful and did a great job, as was his staff.” -Bretton R.

Patient 22

“Thank you for making a potentially very scary and dreaded procedure easy and less stress than expected! We’ve had both our older kids in your office, need to schedule our next child within the next 6 months and will use you for our last child when the time comes! I will definitely refer you to others as well!”

Patient 23

“Dr. Urban is an artist! So far my recovery is going smoothly, with minimal pain. He did an excellent job in removing my wisdom teeth! I would highly recommend his services to anyone.”

Patient 24

“I have abnormal fear of any type of dental work. That being said, I do not hesitate to come to your office. Thanks for being so understanding.”

Patient 25

“I love that Dr. Urban showed me my scans to show I did not have enough bone for an implant. Very patient and kind. The staff is amazing!!” -Jan S.

Patient 26

“Dr. Urban was really nice and his employees too. They were really gentle and friendly. Amazing work!! I will recommend my friends!” -Adilene R.

Patient 27

“Great doctor and amazing staff!! Will definitely recommend to others!”

Patient 28

“It was a great experience and the procedure went smoothly”

Patient 29

“Staff was very pleasant and friendly, make you feel like talking and the doctor really cares. The place is clean and nice. I would highly recommend the service.” -Claudia H.

Patient 30

“It was a pleasant experience. Well organized and efficient” -Veronica B.

Patient 31

“Thank you for taking care of my lip as well as you did. You are truly one of a kind and I appreciate your bedside demeanor.” -Kristi A.

Patient 32

“Dr. Urban is great. I like that he remembered that he had worked on my older child, even though that was almost 2 ½ years ago. I will always come back to him and recommend all of my friends and family to the office.” -Beth G.

Patient 33

“Outstanding all around.”

Patient 34

“Great experience!! Will recommend to everyone.”

Patient 35

“We loved Dr. Urban and all of the staff! We will definitely be recommending this office!” -Jennifer G.

Patient 36

“I truly appreciate the treatment given to me by Dr. Urban. He is very professional in his dealings. A special thanks to all the staff who assisted Dr. Urban. I will recommend Utah Facial Surgical Arts facility to any potential customer. Very good service.” -Danny T.

Patient 37

“All of the staff were super nice, I was really nervous and they talked to me and calmed me down, they explained what they were doing as they did it. After the surgery they stayed with me until my family could come back, that was really nice.” -Athena Z.